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Piano Lessons

Private piano lessons are taught in the Oklahoma Mustang and Norman areas. All ages are welcome! Piano curriculum is based off of Faber's Piano Adventures series and the student’s individual interests and goals. Lesson prices are based on the length of lesson, which typically run in 15min increments. Books and materials are not included in the lesson price. Spots tend to be scarce during the school year. Contact for availability and pricing!

Jacob teaching a dance at a workshop.
Jacob playing at Camp Cavell
Camps & Workshops

Jacob loves camps and workshops where participants get to intensely focus on a music or dance topic! He has presented in both professional music education settings, folk music and dance camps, and music and play sessions for children. His warmth and community-driven ambitions keep folks engaged in gatherings and sessions. His contagious enthusiasm for sharing music and dance create authentic connections between participants while respecting the musical traditions he has absorbed. Classes/sessions can be composed of round writing/singing, community singing, tune jams, music theory, Balfolk dancing/tunes, choral classroom ideas, and children sessions of songs and games! Have other ideas? Reach out!


Jacob has played for multiple weddings over the years. Piano is the most commonly requested instrument, though accordion, guitar, and violin are available as well. Pricing depends on rehearsals, song selection, and venue/distance. An electronic keyboard can be provided if needed. Music can be provided for seating, ceremony, and reception. Want a contra dance for your wedding? Reach out!

folk music

Book dances with Jacob and friends! Jacob often plays with Panda Stomp for Contra and English dances. Public school music teachers often reach out to Panda Stomp to provide live music for folk dance family nights and other similar school programs. Jacob typically plays piano or guitar with a friend or two playing melody instruments. An electronic keyboard can be provided by Jacob if needed. Check the calendar for availability before requesting.


Jacob brings musicality, expression, and accuracy to accompanying. He has supported many musicians in solo, ensemble, and concert settings. Contact Jacob if you need supporting services in piano, guitar, violin, mandolin, percussion, accordion, ukulele, or bass guitar!

audio recordings

Over the years, Jacob has produced various audio recordings ranging from choral piano accompaniments to contra/English tunes for online dancing. Jacob uses Cubase as a DAW and has multiple instruments available for recording such as piano, guitar, mandolin, accordion, violin, bass, and many VST instruments. Recording prices widely vary.

During the beginning of the pandemic, Jacob and friends recorded 150+ tunes for online contra and English dances. The musicians all recorded remotely in their own homes and produced 150+ dances tunes. Tunes are free of use. Should you use them, please provide credit to Merry Mayhem. Donations for use are appreciated.

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