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“As a public school educator, I strive to provide the most fulfilling and safest learning environment that I can. Doing so often leads me to purchasing resources out of my own pocket. Though I’m not necessarily struggling to provide for my own classroom, I wouldn’t mind if I had some help. If you would like to support my classroom, you can donate money to my Teachers Pay Teachers Fund. I frequently use Teachers Pay Teachers to purchase printables, manipulatives, scripts, ideas, and other resources. Alternatively, I have an Amazon Teacher Wishlist. The items listed are things that I would love to have for my classroom so that it may continue to be a full learning environment. If you decide to support my classroom, you can add items into your cart and there should be an option to ship items directly to my home address. Please write down your name in the gift receipt so that I may personally express my gratitude! Thank you!”

-Jacob Chen

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